No sugar, no milk.
                Just a double shot of confidence.

Stop worrying so much!

As women, we all suffer from a lack of self-confidence that makes us do silly, stressful things to ourselves and to others. Learn why this happens and how to deal with it better so you can have more energy and more happiness.

Table of Contents

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  • Ms. Conduct — Surveys, lies and videotapes
  • Ms. Behaved — We all need a grown-up time-out
  • Ms. Aligned — Chiropractors can't fix bonehead maneuvers
  • Ms. Cast — Family, friends and other 'cat-ty' relationships
  • Ms. Matched — Bad boys can be good for you
  • Ms. Stress — We were born XX rated
  • Ms. Conceived — Motherhoodwinked
  • Ms. Guided — Mentor starts with men
  • Ms. Led — Business starts and ends with BS
  • Ms. Chief — Promote yourself
  • Ms. Fortune — In sickness and in wealth

A portion of all Ms. Informed book sales will be donated
to The Glamour Project, a non-profit group that
brings much needed confidence to women in homeless shelters.